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The Seminarian

Welcome to the life of a "Seminarian"

Orthodox theological education is uniquely and significantly tied to liturgical worship and does not separate it from academics. For an orthodox faithful, every moment in his life is holy and every deed is worship. In the seminary even the class rooms, library, mess hall and other places of work are considered sacred and holy. This attitude among the students with sincere participation in concerned activities creates an ambience in all spectrum of life.

Christian communal life is demanding. Loving God and the neighbor unconditionally, forgiving hurts and misunderstandings, and bearing one another's burdens require spiritual strength and maturity. The community life within the Seminary is structured for intentional intellectual, emotional, and spiritual formation through the rhythm of the daily cycle of prayers and regular Scripture reading, meditation, silence, and participation in the sacramental life of the Church. An overall development of pastoral sensitivity is attained in discovering one's strengths and weaknesses by living in close proximity to others.

The student community consists of a wide range of students from within the Church with varying academic backgrounds and cultural orientations. What unites them is a common desire to be formed and shaped for service in Christ's Church. This "forming and shaping" is considered as the development of a spiritual backbone that will carry a seminarian into his future ministry.

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