Orthodox Theological Seminary

Kottayam - Founded 1815

Squad Works

Along with all other routines of the Seminary, manual labor is also given due significance. Evening time (16:15-17:15) after classes are spent in squad works. The motivating idea behind these activities is that "an idol mind is a devil's workshop". The various squads in which students engage themselves are:

  • The Chapel Squad maintains the chapel and its surrounding keeping it sacred and serene and preparing the chapel for worship.
  • The Eco Squad deals with the ecological problems and waste management solutions.
  • The Garden Squad works for the beautification of the campus premise taking care of the garden areas, lawns and flower pots.
  • The Library Squad functions in the Smriti complex library arranging books in its proper order.
  • The Kitchen Garden Squad manages the vegetation of food crops inside the cultivation land of the Seminary.
  • The Mutual Assistance is a fund raising project which functions as a squad. Squad members are well trained in hair cutting and grooming. All proceeds are donated to the Stewardship programme.
  • The Computer Squad takes care of the computer lab of the Seminary where they also monitor the computer usages of the student during study hours.
  • The Website Squad is another wing of the Seminary providing the maintenance and updating the happenings in the campus.

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