Orthodox Theological Seminary

Kottayam - Founded 1815

Sophia Center

Conference and Retreat Center

The Sophia Centre is the first building towards the right side from the main entrance. It is a conference centre for theological and inter-church dialogues. It was commissioned in 1974 by HG Paulose Mar Gregorios.

The centre has a chapel, conference hall, dining hall and accommodation facilities. The aerial view of the Sophia Center resemble of that of the shape of "a dove".

The chapel constructed with the concepts of the Byzantine tradition is used for the training of the students on rubrics in worship. The rear room is a conference cum semiar hall with a capacity of over 50. The wings provide the single and double room facilities. The Sophia Centre is currently able to accommodate over 40 guests for stay.

There is a large dining hall and kitchen available for use of guests. The office of the Programme Secretary can be found at the ground floor.

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