Orthodox Theological Seminary

Kottayam - Founded 1815


The spiritual nurturing point

The Chapel of the Old Seminary has been the spiritual nurturing point of many generations. The Chapel has been dedicated to the blessed memory of St. Thomas, Apostle of our Lord Jesus. It is significant in the history of the Church as the venue of consecrations of metropolitans like Alvaris Mar Julius of Goa as well as the canonization of Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dionysius. The holy tombs of founder Late Joseph Mar Dionysius II (Pulikkottil I), Joseph Mar Dionysius V (Pulikkottil II), St. Geevarghese Mar Dionysius (Mar Dionysius VI) and late Paulose Mar Gregorios lie within the chapel.

The wall of Holy Sanctuary (Madbaho) is decorated with the mural art with natural paints. The Holy Cross and the icon of Christ are mounted at the top of the Beskudishin for veneration. The Cherubim guard the symbolism of the tabernacle. The lighted candles, the elevated Holy Gospel and the other symbolic ornamentations add to the heavenly impression. The ambience not created but natural, attracts pilgrims to this Holy place.

The construction of the Chapel is unique as the central cross fixed in the main altar, the traditional stone lamp located in the middle of the 'Naalukettu' and the shrine at the bank of river Meenachil and falls in a straight line.

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