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Admissions and Pedagogy

GST/BD Programmes


A candidate in order to be admitted to the G.S.T. and B.D. Degree courses at the Seminary should have the following qualifications.

  • Normally only male members of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church are admitted to the courses, though the Synod can waive this requirement where considered desirable and necessary.
  • The candidate should have taken at least a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Science, Commerce or a professional degree from a recognized university.
  • The candidate should produce a certificate of commendation from his diocesan and sponsoring bishop along with his application for admission. He will have to produce a similar letter from his parish priest, as well as a certificate of good health from a competent physician.
  • The candidate shall appear, when so invited and at his own expense, for a written entrance examination in Biblical Knowledge (Old testament and New testament), Church History, General knowledge and General English.
  • If selected for interview, the candidate shall appear at his own expense, for a personal interview and oral tests in aptitudes for preaching and teaching, for singing and chanting, and other personality and health tests prescribed by the Seminary.
  • The decision of the Seminary faculty, endorsed by the Catholicos is final in matters of admission.

Brochure and Application Form can be downloaded from the Downloads Section.


The pedagogy at Orthodox Theological Seminary consist of

  • Classroom Lectures: The Seminary has a strong Orthodox Faculty, which includes of 16 doctoral degree holders. Students are expected to be regular at all class hours prescribed for their courses. A minimum of 80% attendance is mandatory to be eligible to appear for examinations.
  • Examinations: The academic year is divided into two semesters. GST and College-examined BD papers are examined at the end of the respective semesters whereas Senate-examined BD papers are examined at the end of the academic year. Valuation scheme varies from 100% written examination to 60-40 written exam – course work pattern depending upon the various subjects.
  • Assignments and Course works: Various assignments are given to students on a regular basis.
  • Seminar and Presentations: Students are expected to conduct seminars and presentations as instructed by the concerned lecturers.
  • Written Dissertation (Thesis): It is now compulsory for every student to submit in the final year a written Dissertation. Regarding format and dates, students shall follow the norms and instructions given by the Senate of Serampore College in the preparation of Dissertation. Students will be assigned a personal guide by the Seminary according to the selected topic area.
  • Multimedia Presentations: The seminary has full-fledged audio-visual facility that aids the classroom activities as necessary.
  • Individual and Group Based Development Activities: Other individual and group based activities oriented for the overall personal development of the student are conducted from time to time.
  • Field Work Requirements: The Senate of Serampore College currently advises the following pattern for field mission training:
    First Year: Rural Field Education
    Second Year: Urban Field Education
    Third Year: Working with an NGO
    Fourth Year: Being engaged in Pastoral Ministry
    The Seminary also promotes Parish training. Each student will be assigned one parish per semester. All parishes assigned will be of a commutable distance for the Sunday liturgy. Students are expected to organize their own travel arrangements for this purpose.

MTH/DTH Programmes


The responsibility of administering the Master of Theology (MTh) and Doctor of Theology (DTh) programme is vested with the Federated Faculty for Research in Religion and Culture (FFRRC), which is a joint venture of the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, Mar Thoma Theological Seminary, Kottayam and Kerala United Theological Seminary, Trivandrum. For more details, please refer to the Senate of Serampore College (University) website.

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